Life Skills Program

Our Life Skills Program suites include 24-hour mental health care supporting clients living with mental illness. The program focuses on supporting each client as they develop the life skills required to live as healthily and independently as possible in their community.

The Life Skills Program area has six fully furnished bachelor suites each measuring 265 ft² with a shared kitchen and common area. Clients take turns preparing evening meals and completing daily chores to develop independent living skills. Clients attend Day Program activities and work with staff through individualized support sessions to develop in wellness areas identified through initial intakes and monthly assessments.

Life Skills Support Services:

  • Development of individual wellness plan
  • Communication of client needs and collaboration with psychiatric nurses and psychiatrists
  • Collaboration with client families and outside supports
  • Guidance with personal health & hygiene practices
  • Medication management
  • Guidance with budgeting & finances
  • Healthy coping strategies education 
  • Food safety & nutrition planning
  • Social & communication skill development 
  • Development of healthy daily routines (sleep/wake cycle, structuring day).
  • Assistance with establishing a positive social network and provide healthy relationship education
  • Assistance with scheduling appointments and arranging for transportation to essential medical appointments (psychiatrist, counselling, family doctor, dentist, optometrist)
  • Client advocacy (financial assistance, accessing community resources, and obtaining volunteer and/or employment placements)

The Life Skills program provides one nutritious meal per day. Each evening, clients take turns preparing supper with groceries supplied by the Libbie Young Centre. Clients are expected to provide their own breakfast, lunch, and snacks daily. Clients have direct support and access to a 24-hour Life Skills Mentor during Phase One.

Our program works collaboratively with psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses to assess the support needs and goal planning for each client. For more information on our Life Skills Program contact 780-874-9917.