Supported Independent Living Program

Upon transitioning to the Supported Independent Living Program, clients will continue to have access to 24-hour support as needed, although they will be encouraged to utilize skills developed in the Life Skills Program to attain further independence. Clients are provided with scheduled one-on-one appointments to assist in areas of need, dependent on individual skills and abilities.

The Supported Independent Living Program hosts 14 one-bedroom fully furnished apartments each measuring 525 ft². Clients are responsible for maintaining their apartment, attending Day Programming, scheduling appointments, and utilizing skills learned in the Life Skills program. While clients are in the Supported Independent Living Program, staff work with the client to establish a reasonable savings plan and the funds required to successfully transition into the community independently (first month’s rent, damage deposits, etc.,). Staff will assist clients to secure affordable housing and secure items and furniture to begin living independently.

Supported Independent Living Support Services:

  • Development of individual wellness plan
  • Communication of client needs and collaboration with psychiatric nurses and psychiatrists
  • Collaboration with client families and outside supports
  • Guidance with personal health & hygiene practices
  • Medication/blister pack monitoring 
  • Guidance with budgeting & finances
  • Healthy coping strategies education 
  • Food safety & nutrition planning
  • Social & communication skill development 
  • 24-hour crisis intervention support
  • Assistance establishing healthy routines (sleep wake cycles, structuring day, etc.,).
  • Assistance establishing a positive social network and provide healthy relationship education
  • Assistance with scheduling appointments and providing transportation to essential medical appointments (psychiatrist, counselling, family doctor, dentist, optometrist, etc.,).
  • Client advocacy (financial assistance, accessing community resources, and obtaining volunteer and/or employment placements.