Summer Recreation Program

The Summer Recreation Program encourages clients to live a healthy lifestyle by offering a diverse set of activities. The program strives to improve client’s overall physical and mental well-being. The program promotes involvement in the community through recreation, sports, and culture. Activities provide clients with the opportunity to develop their self-confidence, self-esteem, and connect with others while having fun building skills.

The Summer Recreation Program utilizes Libbie Young Centre’s outdoor space to facilitate a large selection of physical and interactive interventions. Additionally, the program transports clients to community outings and small field trips. The Summer Recreation Program works collaboratively with other Libbie Young Centre programs in supporting client’s maximum potential and participation to improve quality of life and provide exposure to new experiences. Clients learn the importance of self-care and pursing individual interests to stimulate a sense of purpose and increase life satisfaction. Through programs clients learn teamwork, sportsmanship and build a sense of comradery throughout the summer.

During the months that the Summer Recreation Facilitator is employed, all admissions for clients are free. This includes swimming, walking at the track, mini-golf, the drop-in field house, and other recreation-related admissions.