Mental Health Matters 2023

Mental Health Matters Fundraiser


How is Libbie Young Centre services making a difference?

The City of Lloydminster Social Policy Framework notes that access to mental health services and supports emerged as a priority for both adults and youth in Lloydminster.  In a 2022 Community Needs Assessment Survey, 27% of respondents indicated they disagreed with the statement “I have access to the mental health services that I need”.  Most concerning is that only 34% of respondents agreed with the statement; this is a 20% reduction in agreement from those who felt they had access to the medical services they need in the previous survey.

LYC is bridging the gap in mental health services for Lloydminster by specializing in mental health support services to individuals who may be suffering in silence. Having support to navigate the ups and downs of everyday life is important for every person. When managing a mental illness in addition to every day struggles, this support can mean the difference between: riding the waves unscathed, or ending up hospitalized or homeless.  

Where is this year’s money going?

This year, Libbie Young Centre will be hosting a online auction fundraiser in November. The goal for this year’s event is to raise the funds necessary to maintain the operation of our Day Program. Currently the program receives limited funding and has run at a deficit for the past few years. To ensure we are able to continue provide the service, our goal is to raise $25,000.00. The Day Program provides opportunities for clients to interact, learn, and socialize with their peers in a safe, inclusive environment that focuses on all wellness domains. Programs that are offered provide a reliable source of support, restore balance in times of crisis, and enhance overall quality of life, particularly in the areas of education, recreation and leisure.

The Day Program works to improve client’s social, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness through group-based interventions and community engagement. The program assists clients to discover and recover roles in their life that create purpose and life satisfaction. The Day Program is an indispensable resource for our clients. Clients from the Life Skills, Supported Independent Living and Community Outreach Program as well as others in the community living with mental illness, benefit from accessing Day Program services. 

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