Who Was Libbie?

Libbie was born on May 24, 1894 near Brandon, Manitoba. In 1906 her family moved to the Sunnydale district south of Lloydminster. In 1914 Libbie married Allen Young. Together they lived on a farm and raised four children. After Allen’s death in 1954, Libbie left the farm and moved to Lloydminster.

Libbie cared deeply about the welfare of others and was always active in the community. At the age of 10 she overheard her mother discussing the loneliness experienced by women homesteading on the prairies. Libbie decided to take her younger sister and walk to the neighboring farms to pay visits to the ladies of the district.

Libbie was involved various community committees and initiatives including walking groups, teaching and volunteering at the office at her local church, working at the radio station and the Lloydminster Times, and she also taught First Aid classes.

Libbie was passionate about supporting the mental well-being of all members in the community; she was a member of the Golden Valley Ladies Club whose mandate was, “To Support and Elevate the Well-being of Everyone in the Community”. Additionally, Libbie worked as an Activity Therapist for the Auxiliary Hospital, was an active member of the Mental Health Association and would visit patients at the North Battleford Hospital in Saskatchewan with a local women’s group.

In 1980 Libbie served on the committee to plan the establishment of a residential mental health facility in Lloydminster, whose goal was to facilitate the transition of those struggling with mental health back into the community. On April 27, 1983 the Libbie Young Centre was officially opened. Libbie served as an honorary member of the Libbie Young Centre’s Board of Directors. She often visited the Centre well into her later years. Libbie Young passed away on August 13, 1989 at the age of 95.

Libbie spread positivity, understanding and warmth through each pursuit she was involved in to help support her community. Her memory will be carried on for years to come through the Libbie Young Centre and the services the organization provides to the citizens of Lloydminster.